Justin Bieber’s Roast Spoiled – No Alert

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Why should I even bother watching now?

I just wanted to see him cry.

SoScreen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.15.11 AMme one just lost thousands of dollars of advertising revenue for Comedy Central. I’m not sure who is responsible, but needless to say, it’s pretty bad form to allow a bunch of journalists to scoop your own special and reveal secret guests and the “best jokes” of a roast two weeks before it airs with zero spoiler alerts –good job journalists.

Why should anyone watch when all the jokes were spoiled by Entertainment Weekly? I don’t want to read the jokes, I want to see them performed by the people who said them. It’s like when all your friends see a movie and turn the quotes into “inside jokes” because you haven’t seen the movie yet. Now, if I do even watch it, the jokes won’t have nearly as much of a punch.

At first I was thinking, “Am I just being stupid? Is this how they’ve always hyped roasts?”


A quick google of James Franco’s past roast revealed a proper advertising format:

The Roast of James Franco aired 9/2/13 and Rolling Stone appropriately came out with an article the day AFTER it aired. Not a day after the taping.

roast of james franco

Makes sense right?


This goes out to anyone else who was confused by all the news wondering how everyone has seen the new roast with all the details, yet it doesn’t air for another 15 days.

The only strategic move I could see this having, is if there is something bigger happening on March 30th. The only thing bigger in entertainment? Sports. There just happens to be an East/West coast basketball game happening between the Lakers and 76ers on March 30th. So, maybe they decided to spoil the show because their target demographic is going to be distracted with sports?


lakers v 76ers

Bigger than Beliebers?

I wasted 30 minutes trying to find a place to watch it online, probably not as much as they wasted spoiling the entire show, but still annoying. If I am completely missing some sort of “genius” in this marketing scheme, let me know in the comments.







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