Halloween: How to make a beard

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Basic Overview of the Beard Tutorial Instructions:

I love halloween. This is a youtube video tutorial I made a long time ago that shows you a somewhat advanced way to design a fake beard for halloween or larping or cosplay or secret agent disguises. Or if, you are like me and, can barely grow a beard but would like to rock one out anyway, this is how you make one out of theatre grade special effect crepe hair.

Really, I just like any event like ComiCon, music and renaissance festivals where dressing up in a costume is totally acceptable. Do me a favor and let me know of the costumed event you are a attending in the comments, I would most likely enjoy attending in the future. Also, if you have any questions or need help with this beard tutorial, the comments are a good place to put those.

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Supplies List
Crepe Hair: ~12inches
Spirit Gum: 1 bottle at least 1oz
Spirit Gum Remover (isopropyl alcohol acceptable alternative)
Liquid Latex: Couple ounces
(not necessary but gives extra hold and helps with skin blending)
Molding Wax aka Nose and Scar Putty:
( also not necessary for the tutorial, just informational as to how I created the fake nose in this video )

  • 1. Relax the crepe hair with warm water and let dry
  • 2. Section off strips of hair and cut them into descending lengths
  • 3. Apply spirit gum to models face and wait until tacky
  • 4. Start at the bottom with longer strips of hair and spirit gum to face ( can also use liquid latex although it takes longer to dry)
  • 5. Glue hair strip ends above lip and cut with scissors for mustache.
  • 6. Shape and style the beard and trim any flyaway excess crepe hair, it’s very itchy.
  • 7. For eyebrows, cover with thin layer of scar wax, apply spirit gum, and use tufts of crepe hair.



About Designer Adam

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