Designer Adam

About Designer Adam

Designer Adam is an ENTP personality type, with a love for arguments and big picture ideas, who grew up drawing aliens and monsters, dressing up in costumes doing theatre, and inventing things. After collecting signage and caution tape as a kid, and occasionally spray painting some graffiti, he went to design college and mastered his powers of web design, programming, graphic design, marketing strategy, copywriting, advertising, audio/video production, motion graphics, design psychology and sales.

how to succeed

Success Secrets: How Mark Cuban Made Billions

Today I designed a poster after one of Mark Cuban’s quotes on success, because I think it’s the only one you should pay attention to:    “Every no gets me closer to a yes.“ If you want to read the quote from a salesperson point of view, which is the […]

Electric Forest 2014 Photos

Electric Forest 2014 Photos – EF2014 GL&M Dolls Performance Artists Electric Geishas Photo Album, brought to Electric Forest Music Festival by Ants On a Melon Fiber Optics. Get 10% off your fiber optic light up toys at using coupon code GLMDOLLS. Photos by Designer Adam.