Advertising + Branding

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Advertising and Branding Work Samples

Digital Ad Example

I boost your sales and awareness

People buy based on what things do for them, not because of what something does. A screwdriver screws, that’s what it does, but what it does for a person is make their job easier.  I sell your benefits to your consumers rather than just your features, offering answers to their wants as well as their needs. Much like I am selling my benefits to you, showing results rather than just what I am capable of.

I connect you with your audience

It doesn’t matter how good your ad is, it will do no good if no one sees it. I help you identify your target market so you can appeal directly to the people that matter to your company and engage them in a way that actually means something to them. Approaching the right demographic makes it easer for media buys and figuring out the best placement for your ads to make them successful. 

I leave an impression

The average person sees upward around 3000 advertisements a day, but how many do you actually remember? I create bold advertisements that quickly communicate succinct messages to leave a lasting impression. Not many people have seen Santa Clause puking or a man riding a boar before.

I give you credibility

Smart companies invest in good branding. Apple and Nike and the other giants didn’t get to where they are today without communicating their value and credibility to their consumers through good branding. The brands I create have turned a struggling gym into a successful multi-unit franchise. 

I increase your company’s value

Good branding increases your company’s value and positions you in the market. With solid brand recognition, and brand loyalty, you can raise your perceived value to your target audience. Take Starbucks, often looked at as having mediocre over-priced coffee, yet they have a loyal customer base due to their established branding that communicates their value to their target audience. The brands I create have expanded a small town candy company across the entire united states while raising their prices.

I scare your competitors

A tough brand can even intimidate and keep competitors out of the market. What’s the first website you think of when you hear “Social Networking”? Facebook is so deep in social network branding that even a worthy adversary, bigger tech-giant, like Google is having difficulty establishing google+ as a competitive social networking alternative. The brands I create helped a gardening chain sell a new product line in a highly competitive nutrient market despite being a virtually identical product as the competition.